The Way


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The Way:

On the Path with a Contemporary Master

By Juan Sgolastra



Today’s human being flounders aimlessly, confused within religious, cultural and philosophical systems, propelled forward only by an evolutive force from within.

In the search for our true reason for being, there is the possibility for evolution toward awareness.
Through the narrative of a young seeker, who makes contact with a true teaching of Truth, this book reveals to us the existence of a true possibility. This true teaching of Truth is alive and essential, and is represented by a Teacher working in the West, Alfredo O., living channel of the Fountain of Knowledge. The Masters, guides who have existed since the beginning of human kind, through a precise and rigorous science, can take men and women to the knowledge of themselves, with the goal of each human being finding his/her place and purpose within the infinite design of Creation. The Teacher’s work is in the present, with today’s humanity, using current means and adapting his technique to the needs of the current situation. These men represent the Door toward the Path of Truth.

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