Between Heaven and Earth


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Between Heaven and Earth:

The Contact, the Initiation.

By Marco Santello


Teachers of Truth have appeared, and will continue to appear, throughout our planet’s history, in cycles corresponding to periods of crisis and need. Some of these teachers have been known to history, although their real function is almost wholly unknown; other performed and continue to perform their work hidden from society. The external forms, language, and vehicles of transmission of their teaching change over time to enable their message to be absorbed by those whom it is transmitted. Despite the apparent discontinuity in the transmission of an authentic and essential message to Humankind, the core of the subtle work of the Teacher of Truth is to be found in the complete evolution of the human race. This work started when Man first appeared on Earth and it has not yet been completed. The very nature of the Work demands that it must be performed within the ‘laboratory’, far from the noise and interruptions of a distracted world, the same world that must slowly learn to listen to its own Heart, almost forgotten, but which has never stopped calling. This book is an anthology of dialogues without a fixed structure; born of the desire to share the fruits of an experience of growth lived by the side of a Teacher of Truth, Alfredo, whom I had the good fortune to meet many years ago. This book is not merely autobiographical: it represents the testimony of a teaching and of an experience of life, still in progress, which I encountered as a disciple and friend of an extraordinary person, to whom I express all the gratitude, respect and love of which I am capable.


My gratitude also goes to all the Friends who have been close to me on the Path and who have made the realization of this book (and many other things possible). The value and importance of Alfredo’s teaching go well beyond anything I could ever write or explain in words and this book only touches the surface of some of the experiences I lived.



Marco Santello

Birmingham, Great Britain


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