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The Perfect Shape is a revolutionary dynamic system for men and women through which a person can obtain perfect physical form without the use of any apparatus: simply using the resistance your own muscles exert during each movement.

Energy and

The Universe is Unity composed of diverse manifestations

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Between Heaven and Earth:

The Contact. The Initiation.

By: Marco Santello

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The emergence of True Masters has occurred cyclically in the history of our planet in the


of Energy; everything that exists is in perpetual motion. Human beings, being one with the universe, are part of this process. Since we are beings made up of Energy, then we are influenced by it. Water, air, and food are some of the essential life elements.

moments of great crisis and necessity. Some Masters were recorded in history, even though their true purpose may not have been understood by all; on the other hand, others spread and developed their teachings unbeknownst to many.


The foundations of this marvelous program are the most advanced concepts of human physiology, neurophysiology and the theory of Physical Training.

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However, the human body also needs nourishment from other, more subtle forms of energy. One of these is the energy


The Way :

On the Way with a Contemporary Master.

By: Juan Sgolastra

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But the most extraordinary aspect of it all is … its simplicity.

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used in the IRECA method.



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Bewildered by religious, philosophical and cultural systems, man nowadays wanders adrift, propelled only by an evolutionary force inside him…