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Description and Benefits

Perfect Shape is a revolutionary dynamic system for men and women for the attainment a perfect shape without using any fitness equipment: it works by simply using the resistance generated by the muscles themselves to oppose the movement.

“This wonderful method is based on the most advanced notions of muscle physiology, neurophysiology and training theory, and its most extraordinary feature is… its simplicity”. (Marco Santello, Ph. D., Department of Kinesiology, Arizona State University).

Perfect Shape is a scientific method designed to sculpt your body, improve your health and strengthen your will power.

The objective of the course is to help the students to reach a perfect symmetry of their body, an exceptional physical and mental strength, and the magnetism of those who have an extra gear in life. Besides the exercises that are the core of the method, Perfect Shape offers detailed advice about the fundamental bases of physical, mental and energetic well-being: nutrition, personal hygiene, correct attitude towards life, the importance of correct sleep, positive spirit, as well as valuable advice to enrich your personality and make it more complete and balanced day by day.

Perfect Shape has been specifically designed to promote a harmonious development of your body and create long-lasting results in only three months.

The reconstruction of the musculature is carried out from top to bottom in agreement with physiological principles.

From the very first day of practice, you will strengthen your musculature and improve your the health, both foundations of a complete physical and energetic development. The complete system consists of 12 lessons, each one consisting of 8 exercises that the instructors will teach and adapt to each student ranging from teenagers to older adults, from sedentary people to athletes. Check out the test lesson of Perfect Shape, practice it for two weeks and you’ll be surprised of the results!

Perfect Shape is a method that will take you on a journey towards the discovery of yourself. Discipline, nutrition, correct use of energy, Attention, Intention and Dedication, these are the key words to open the doors of the inner power that will lead us, through the development of each muscle, to get closer to our own body and enjoy the greatest gift that has been given to us: life. Try it, and you will discover in this method a force and a teaching that goes way beyond developing your muscles. In only three months you will be able to become a new person, probably the person that you always wanted to be! Check out the calendar of Perfect Shape courses and information on the book “Perfect Shape”.

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