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Description and Benefits


The energy transmission technique used in the IRECA Method is a useful tool that allows us to channel Energy for therapeutic purposes, through the energy centers on the human body.

The Universe is one unified entity comprised of diverse manifestations of Energy; everything that exists is in constant movement. Human beings, being one with the universe, are part of this process. If, indeed, we are part of this Energy, then we are influenced by it. Water, the air, and nutrients are only some of the elements that support our lives. However, the human body also needs other forms of energy, more subtle and indispensable, for our growth and survival. One of these is the Energy used in the IRECA method.

Due to imbalances caused by our way of life, our bodies gradually begin to lose their self-regulatory mechanisms thus setting in motion degenerative processes that, in time, become chronic. Our bodies being exposed to continuous aggressions from the environment are rendered incapable of responding to the various external agents from the outside. The Energy centers of the body are vortices that allow the entrance and circulation of Energy. Each center corresponds to a different system of our bodies and their respective organs. When the Energy centers receive appropriate Energy, they distribute it accordingly, then our bodies, according to their capabilities, process and make intelligent use of this Energy.

This method does not exclude nor it is intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment. It is, however, a tool which produces satisfactory results and is an excellent complement to any other treatment.

The benefits of this method become visible in a short time, often after the very first application.

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Who can benefit from this course?

This course is designed for those who desires to help him/herself and others to improve their health: therapists, physicians, housewives, students, professionals in any field, etc.

Course Layout

The IRECA Method is divided into five levels:

- Level I and Level II: 8 Hours in 1-2 sessions*
- Level III and Level IV: 8 Hours in 1-2 sessions*
- Level V: 5 Hours in 1 session*

* The courses are usually offered in one or two week-ends depending on the number of participants.


Montreal, Quebec
Activity: IRECA Information Session (In French)
Fecha:  Sunday 25th April, 2015
Hora:  10:00 AM
Lugar:  Boutique esotérique Envolée D'Anges
2030 Chemin Gascon,
Terrebonne, J6X 2E5
Costo:  $0 CAD
(514) 452-2602
Alberta, Calgary
Course:  IRECA Levels I & II
Date:  Saturday, March 17th, 2012
Time:  9:00 to 17:00 (with lunch break)
Address:  Red Bush Tea & Coffee Company
225 10th Street NW Kensington
T2N 1V5, Calgary, Alberta
Cost:  $150 CAD
Registration:  Margara (403) 369-4400
Montreal, Quebec
Activity: IRECA Treatments
Date:  Fridays 2015
Time:  17:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Place:  Boutique esotérique Envolée D'Anges
2030 Chemin Gascon,
Terrebonne, J6X 2E5
Cost:  $0 CAD
(514) 452-2602